Saturday, 18 April 2015


You felt me the day I formed in you, you felt me every time I moved in you, you felt me shape up in you, you felt my first heartbeat, my first touch, my first cry, my first yawn, my first blinking of my eyes. I have been troubling you ever since I came in you whether it’s that morning sickness, that nausea, that breathlessness every time you spoke or the constant needle pricks for those 9 months to make sure I am totally safe and doing well in you.

You felt me when even I couldn't feel my own self, you could sense every time I needed food, each time I wanted to play inside you ,you would just twist and turn throughout the night without complaining so that I could play my unknown games. I kicked you so hard so many times from inside and every time it used to hurt I know but u never said anything and you just smiled because it was me.

You changed everything about your existence for me. It started with you changing your eating habits, your like’s dislikes I know you loved having morning tea with daddy but I dint like tea so you stopped having it even before I came into this world, I loved having that health drink with milk and u hated it all your life but you had it only for me. Each meal of the day you had as per what I liked and till then I was not even a month old in you.

The next big change for you was when I started growing in you month by month and your body started deforming. Now you could no longer wear your favorite dresses but you still always smiled with a mere thought of my existence in you. I was getting bigger and your body was getting weaker now even the stretch marks were showing on your belly, your fingers and feat were swollen because your body couldn’t bear my weight but you dint care a bit about your skin, your beauty, your body or yourself at all, all you cared about is me, me and me.

I used to constantly see you and feel you from inside I used to talk to you in your thoughts, I used to love it when you danced alone in the room carefully thinking about me, I used to be so excited when you shopped for me just before my arrival I used to chose everything through your eyes, I used love papa when he used to hug both of us in the night. He is a nice man I like him because he takes care of you. And finally the day came when I was jumping up and down to come out and see this beautiful world with you. But even on that day I gave you so much of pain, you almost took a second birth for me momi so that I can start my new journey with you and papa. I wanted to come out as soon as possible so that I could reduce your suffering because I cannot see you in pain mother but it weren't too easy for me either. But now I am very happy because we both are fine and most importantly I am with you sleeping beside you. I would like to thank you mother for bringing me into this colorful, beautiful, challenging world stage. I promise to perform my best. And yes I promise you I will never leave you and will stay with you like a shadow. But you are my life, air, existence and I am incomplete without you.

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